In June we learned of the untimely passing of Paul Walden at 53 from a rare form of sarcoma.

Paul was a genuine industry stalwart, working for the Norville Group for over 30 years before moving onto Lenstec Optical Group as Technical and Sales Director for the last 4 years. Nigel Castle, Lenstec Optical Group MD commented ‘Paul will be sadly missed for his contribution to Lenstec and the wider optical community’.

Julian Wiles, owner of Performance Lenses, commented

‘Always front and centre of technical developments and latterly front and centre of education, Paul was both a colleague and client. We will miss the contribution he would have made in the years ahead.’

Julian pointed out that in the last 12 months Neal Grimason, Paul Hadwin, Drew MacDonald and Peter Beaumont have all left us. All were gone ‘too early’ and were all working hard at the time of their passing.

‘Lens makers at heart and FMO members as well. Looking back is never a great idea when you are moving forward, but stopping and taking time to look around you is always fulfilling.’

FMO have taken up Julian’s suggestion to inaugurate an In Memorium album for those who that have served Optics for many years. The album will be available for members to review at the Annual General Meeting in December. Please contact if you would like to contribute to the album.