FMO members can belong to any of the current three Focus Groups – Equipment, Frames and Lenses. A combined meeting of the Lens Focus Group and the Standards Panel will meet on 6 June at FMO, 199 Gloucester Terrace, London W2 6LD. For more details please contact David Ellison, on 07597 350641.

Focus Groups meet during our regular (normally biannual) General Meetings to share views and information with other members involved in specific areas of the optical industry.

Currently the Focus Groups are prioritising the following:

Developing accredited training to enable all users of ophthalmic equipment to do so with the highest level of expertise and understanding of the potential of each piece of equipment.
Providing a home for the many small and start-up companies both in the UK and in Europe that comprise the fashion frames industry and ensuring that Optrafair meets the needs of these businesses
Developing accredited training for dispensing opticians to enable them to reduce the number of wearers of varifocal lens spectacles who experience problems (varifocal non-tolerance)